Dydd Sul 11 Rhagfyr 2022 / Sunday 11th December 2022

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Care First

Care First is the Council's employee assistance programme aiming to provide you with a 'positive, safe and supportive environment'.

COVID-19 support

We would like to share with you some resources from Care First to help you deal with this hugely challenging situation we are facing. As an authority we have pulled together to deliver an amazing response so far but we are also keen to ensure you have the tools to continue to nurture your own mental health and wellbeing during this time. 

Week commencing 6 April 2021

Week commencing 15 March 2021

Week commencing 8 March 2021

Week commencing 22 February 2021


Can we ask that you share this with colleagues who do not have access to the Intranet and post in your Whats App groups and other channels you are currently using.

How to access the service

The supportive programme is made up of three different services: Zest, Lifestyle and Information and Advice. 

Information and Advice

You can access all of the support of Care First by logging on www.carefirst-lifestyle.co.uk

  • Username ccb001
  • Password ncil1234

Alternatively, you can call the Telephone Counselling and Information Line on 0800 174 319.

A free, 24/7 online and telephone counselling service enabling users to discuss a range a work and ‘life’ issues, including relationships, family matters, debt, and stress. 

Counsellors are available to provide support for anything you wish to discuss, irrespective of the origin of the issues e.g. bereavement, relationship breakdown, bullying as well as changes at work, pressure, stress, work-load and illness.

Access is also available, via the same number, to free information and advice to help you find practical answers to real life questions. Common subjects include family and personal issues, debt and workplace issues. Care First Information Specialists are Citizen Advice trained and qualified to answer general and regional specific queries.

Please call 0800 174 319


A mobile app that allows you to set up your own free and interactive personal fitness support service, Zest includes personal training sessions, a weight management programme and an interactive food and exercise diary!

Care First's ‘Zest’  is a website and mobile app providing free interactive health and personal fitness support, including:

  • Personal training programme – improve cardio, strength, conditioning and flexibility.  Personal progress is tracked graphically and programmes are automatically updated;
  • Tailored weight management programme – calorie-controlled programme which interacts dynamically with your personal fitness programme.
  • Interactive food and exercise diary – records food consumed, and activities completed on a daily basis. The interactive food cupboard allows you to create balanced meals, menus and foot lists.


Please download app using one of the links below.


An online resource providing you with advice, information, webinars and articles on health, fitness, finance, childcare and consumer rights.

The regularly updated articles are designed to help you manage a healthy lifestye and are structured to cover four main areas:

  • You, At Home
  • You, At Work
  • Your Health
  • FAQs Lifestyle

Login details

Go to https://carefirst-lifestyle.co.uk/

Username: ccb001
Password: ncil1234