21st Century Schools Proposal

Status: Consultation Closed.

Awaiting Planning Approval


Caerphilly County Borough Council has embarked upon an exciting but challenging journey of improvement and change.

Schools in Wales need to be in good condition and suitable for the delivery of education.  In some cases, schools can be modernised, repaired, refurbished, extended, or partially rebuilt to meet the standards needed for contemporary teaching and learning. However, some existing schools are no longer in the right place and in such cases we might propose new schools or changes to existing schools.


We are proposing to:

  • Amalgamate Llancaeach Junior School and Llanfabon Infants School to create a new Primary School provision on the existing infants school site for those aged 3-11 years with an anticipated completion date of September 2024.
  • It is proposed that the current Llanfabon Infants School site will be reconfigured to host the new Primary School provision.  A new building will be built to accommodate Key Stage 2 pupils (Junior age) and a partial refurbishment of the existing Infants School building on site with the whole Primary School provision providing accommodation for 275 pupils plus 40 nursery places, ensuring the development and delivery of an inclusive all-through primary school provision delivering the full curriculum to pupils in a modern, safe and inspiring learning environment.
  • The new primary school site will have improved outside learning space and facilities that will provide a stimulating teaching and learning environment with 21st Century facilities centered on the learning, self-esteem and well-being of all pupils.
  • The proposed project will take into account the desire to encourage and facilitate community use of the asset.  The design will seek to include measures to enable safe ‘zoning’ which can be utilised by the wider community.

We aspire to continue to raise school standards and improve the quality of the learning environment to create fit-for-purpose 21st century schools and give every child in Caerphilly the best possible start in life.


Through TeamCaerphilly - Better Together, the Council is committed to ensuring high quality, citizen focused services for the communities that comprise our county borough.  In future-proofing public services, we recognise the need to ensure effective engagement which is central to our decision making.

The School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 requires that the Welsh Ministers issue a School Organisation Code. The Code imposes requirements in accordance with which relevant bodies including local authorities must act when bringing forward proposals in respect of maintained schools as defined at Section 98 of the 2013 Act. That is a school in Wales, which is a community, foundation or voluntary school, a community special school or a maintained nursery school.

For this proposal, our consultation process must follow the Welsh Government Statutory guidance as set out in the School Organisation Code 2018.   

Consultation period

Opened: Wednesday 20th October 2021
Closed: Midnight Wednesday 1st December 2021

Any negative responses made during the consultation period will not be counted as objections to the proposal but as adverse comments.

Consultation documents

Ways you gave your views

  • Completing the online response form on the Council's website
  • Complete a printed response form and return it via post to the 21st Century School Team at Caerphilly
  • Email your comments to the 21st Century Schools Team at Caerphilly
  • Pupil Engagement Sessions at the affected school

Consultation Report

The Consultation Report will be presented for initial review and endorsement at Education Scrutiny Committee, with final approval to proceed to the next stage sitting with Cabinet.

Cabinet members will be provided with copies of all the responses received within the consultation period and in their original format as part of the decision making process.

Any negative responses made during the consultation period will not be counted as objections to the proposal but as adverse comments.  Objections to a proposal can only be registered after the publication of a statutory notice which is the second stage in the proposal, subject to approval by Cabinet.

Youtube Recordings:
Education Scrutiny Committee 2nd November 2021  (in capacity as a consultee group)

Education Scrutiny Committee 10th January 2022 
Cabinet 26th January 2022 

Statutory Notice

Tuesday 1 February 2022

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with section 42 of the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 and the School Organisation Code 2018 that Caerphilly County Borough Council, having consulted such persons as required by relevant legisation, proposes to make the prescibed alterations as follows:

Amalgamate Llancaeach Junior School and Llanfabon Infants School to create a new Primary School provision on the existing infants school site

Objection period

The School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 provides that anyone wishing to make objections to a school organisation proposal has the opportunity to do so. To be considered as statutory objections, objections must be made in writing or by email, and sent to the proposer before the end of 28 days beginning with the day on which the notice was published (“the objection period”).

Opened: Tuesday 1 February 2022
Closes: Monday 28 February 2022

Objection Report

Under Section 49 of the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013 when objections have been received proposers must publish a summary of the statutory objections and the proposer’s response to those objections (“the Objection Report”).

As no statutory objections were received, there is no requirement to publish an Objection Report.  However, for consistency and transparency, an Objection Period Summary Report has been compiled.
Objection Period Summary Report Notification Letter
Objection Period Summary Report

Final Determination

Motion Carried
Decision Notification Letter

Planning Application

A separate Planning Application Process will be undertaken in respect of this proposal. 


21st Century Schools Team
Directorate of Education and Corporate Services
Caerphilly County Borough Council
Penallta House
Tredomen Park,
Ystrad Mynach
CF82 7PG

Email: 21stCenturySchools@caerphilly.gov.uk

Website: 21st Century Schools