Communications and Engagement Strategy 2019-2022

This Communications Strategy has been developed to help define the way Caerphilly County Borough Council engages with its residents, partners, businesses and all our other key audiences.

As a council, we’re committed to delivering quality, value for money services for Caerphilly county borough residents. The effectiveness of how we deliver our vision is determined, to a significant extent, by the quality of our communications and engagement. 

All aspects of our communications and engagement can have an impact on the council’s work and reputation. This strategy outlines the approach we will take to ensure our  communications and engagement activity is fit for purpose and helps to achieve our  vision. 

It also defines how we as an organisation will listen and respond to what our audience is telling us in return.

The strategy sets out the principles of how we will communicate with openness and transparency, in a simple, non-technical way that people will be able to understand.

It also sets out the various communication channels and tools we will use to reach as many people as possible with our key messages.

Communications and Engagement Strategy 2019-2022 (PDF)