Corporate Asset Management Strategy

Outlines our vision and long term approach to improve the recognition, management and utilisation of our assets.

Service Strategies

We have worked from a fundamental premise that not only should formal individual strategies not be documented for the sake of “having a strategy” but also writing a strategy is the start of the process and future management reviews of the currency of strategies are most important.

Despite not having a written Corporate Asset Management Strategy in place the council has been able to make significant contributions to the achievement of corporate priorities and outcomes via the management of its assets. For example the 21st Century Schools programme has seen huge improvements in the quality of our primary and secondary schools. Additionally the “State of the Estate Report”, produced by Property Services, summarises the current impact of the council’s property rationalisation strategy.

What is an asset?

For this purpose, “asset” relates solely to material assets, such as a ‘building’ or a ‘road’, having a life cycle to which a cost can be applied.

Whilst we have made reference to Human Resources (HR), acknowledging the links between staff, agile working, and management of buildings, it is an area that requires excellent joined-up working for all parties to work through areas such as IT provision, consideration of space, and capacity planning in addition to the ‘softer’ areas such as culture, and trust and, consequently, it is outside the scope of this strategy. 

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