Additional Learning Needs Policy

Principles and aims

The principles underpinning the additional learning needs system are to support the creation of a fully inclusive education system where all learners are given the opportunity to succeed and have access to an education that meets their needs and enable them to participate in, benefit from, and enjoy learning.

Person centred practice 

Person centred practice puts the children, young people and their parents at the centre of decisions.  The Local Authority, schools and settings will use a range of resources to gather relevant information and to inform actions to support learners with an additional learning need. 


Our objective is to achieve high quality support and provision by working in partnership with the Education Achievement Service (EAS), local and regional services and school and other educational settings. We are committed to supporting schools and other educational settings to raise attainments and achievements, celebrating progress towards realistic goals which are motivating and jointly developed with children and young people.

In collaboration with the Education Achievement Service (EAS), we will provide a range of training and professional development programmes and information sharing forums for schools and other agencies in order to maintain and develop knowledge and skills to effectively support children and young people with additional learning needs (ALN). 

The council is committed to working in partnership with parents and carers and values the contribution you can make to enable children and young people with additional learning needs achieve their potential. A parent independent partnership service is currently provided by SNAP Cymru