Corporate Plan (including Well-being Objectives)

In 2018 we set our six Well-being Objectives and incorporated them into our Corporate Plan. Setting objectives is not new, we have been setting Well-being Objectives and Improvement Objectives for a number of years; however this was the first time we have set objectives over a five year planning period.

As circumstances can change over time it is important for us to ensure that our Plan remains fit for purpose. Therefore we have undertaken a review of our objectives to ensure that they are still relevant and as a result of this review we have made minor changes to the Plan as approved by the Council’s Cabinet on 27 October 2021.  Please see our updated Plan below:

These objectives are available in Welsh or in other languages or formats upon request.

We would like your views on the current set of Well-being Objectives and you can let us know by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions or feedback or would like to get involved in helping to set the councils priorities or on any of the above content please contact the Business Improvement Team.

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