Guidance to schools

Welcoming and Supporting Refugee Children and Young People

These notes have been prepared as a quick guide for those schools who are about to accept a child or young person who has come to Wales to escape the war in Ukraine. The notes are a synopsis of the information which is contained within the document ‘Welcoming refugee children to your school: A National Education Union teaching resource’ (

The refugee children are likely to have made harrowing journeys to arrive at a place of safety and may well have left close family members behind in very uncertain and dangerous circumstances. It is likely that they will have faced trauma, seen things which could cause post-traumatic stress, will certainly be feeling a sense of loss for the life left behind and could be bereaved of close family and friends.

The primary thing to remember is that the relationships that children foster with you and their peers will be so important to their ability to feel safe whilst away from home.

The following documents have been created by Caerphilly Educational Psychology Service and contains information, practical guidance and links to further helpful documents:

Ceredigion Council have created a webpage of resources to support refugee children and children who have English or Welsh as a second language. The following link contains general and wellbeing resources, as well as resources around teaching English or Welsh as an additional language:

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