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Further road safety measures for the B4251 Ynysddu to Wyllie approved by Cabinet

Posted on : 14 Feb 2022

Further road safety measures for the B4251 Ynysddu to Wyllie approved by Cabinet

Cabinet have approved £350k funding to install further highway improvements on a key route between Wyllie and Ynysddu to help minimise the likelihood of further accidents and on this road.

As the result of a number of accidents along the B4251 the council commissioned a study on the then de-restricted 60mph section of the road which begins at the north end of Ynysddu and terminates just south of the Gelligroes roundabout on the A472 and included the 40mph section leading to the roundabout at that time.

There are eight bends along the section of road which were part of the review. The stretch of road is a well-established route which does not conform to current highway design standards like many of the roads within the country. The speed limit was previously designated as 60 mph but was subsequently reduced to 40 mph following the road safety study to help improve road safety.

The study found that since 2014 there have been 9 recorded accidents spread across the entire length of the study area, including one ‘slight’ accident within the then 40mph section at the north end of the route. Although the majority of accidents appear to have occurred on straight sections it must be noted that the straight sections are relatively short, the longest being approximately 300m and at the average speed the bends are encountered in quick succession. Therefore, even when on a straight section the driver is always exiting a bend or preparing to enter the next.

As a result of this study Caerphilly county borough council carried out a programme of works on the B4251 Newport Road in 2020 to help reduce the speed of traffic and to improve road safety for motorists and pedestrians. These measures included resurfacing, chevron signing, solid white lining to restrict overtaking manoeuvres and a reduction of the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph.

Following the completion of these safety measures a significant tree felling operation commenced in September 2020 to remove “Ash Dieback”. The removal of these mature trees opened-up the embankments and created additional perceptions of danger and renewed public concerns of road safety prompting officers to review and consider further safety options.

Leader of CCBC and local ward member, Cllr Philippa Marsden welcomed the news,
“This road has been the scene of a number of accidents over recent years and the installation of this concrete post and chain-link fence along this busy section of highway will improve road safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

This investment is yet another example of the council taking positive steps to improve the local highway network for the traveling public,” she added.

Cllr Jamie Pritchard, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Property said
“The council is continuing to invest and improve roads across the county borough as we want to get the basics right and ensure that they are safe and are in a good condition for pedestrians and drivers to use. Once implemented, the improvements will be continuously monitored and reviewed by the council to measure their effectiveness.”

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