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Cabinet agrees future approach to housing support

Posted on : 23 Mar 2022

Cabinet agrees future approach to housing support
Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet has today (23 March) approved the ‘Housing Support Programme 2022 – 2026’; which sets out its future approach to preventing homelessness and delivering housing support services.

A comprehensive needs assessment has been undertaken by the Council, when developing the programme, to identify its strengths in delivering homeless and housing support services, as well as those areas where further work is needed.

Key principles of the programme are:
  • To ensure that access to support services is swift and transparent and partners will work to prevent homelessness where possible.
  • The Council will work to ensure that everyone has access to fair and suitable accommodation that is affordable sustainable and energy efficient
  • That access to advice and assistance is readily available across a number of platforms for people to be able to understand what housing related rights they have and what support services are available to allow them to have access to good quality housing and related support.
  • That relevant pathways for signposting are in place to allow access to information so people are empowered to, where viable, support themselves. 

Cllr Shayne Cook, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Care and Housing, said “Preventing homelessness and providing sustainable housing is a key priority for the Council.  The programme not only builds on the considerable achievements of the Council’s housing support service, but also recognises the work already delivered to prevent and address homelessness across the county borough.

“We are committed to working with stakeholders and expanding our services to ensure we meet the broad range of needs of those people requiring support.”

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