Bulky items collection

You can request up to a maximum of 6 bulky items such as sofas, bed bases and mattresses.

Donating Items

Before you ask us to collect any unwanted items, please consider the following options:

  • If the item is in a good reusable condition, it can be donated to our re-use shop.
  • Alternatively, Furniture Revival will collect furniture and electrical items that are in good reusable condition, free of charge. They will also collect American fridge freezer, fridge freezer, under counter fridge, under counter freezer and chest freezer fridges at a cost of £16 (the council are not able to collect any type of fridge freezers). To arrange a collection call 01685 846830.
  • You can take unwanted items to your nearest household recycling centre. This is for household waste only. If you need to use a van or trailer you will need a permit. Visit the van and trailers section for details.
  • Many companies will often take your old items away when they deliver the new one. This is often free or sometimes for a small charge and should be arranged with your supplier.

How the service works

  • Choose your items and collection date when you book online.
  • It costs: 
    • £18.34 for 1 to 3 items
    • £24.08 for 4 items
    • £29.81 for 5 items
    • £35.54 for 6 items (maximum) 
  • This is a kerbside collection service. Please present the items at the front of the property, free of any trip hazards.
  • Collections start from 5:30am until 13:30pm. Please put your items out for collection the night before.
  • We will only collect items that were recorded on the booking.
  • Items must be kept dry. If you are leaving out an item that could absorb water (for example a sofa or mattress), please cover them. Wet items may be too heavy to lift and may not be collected.
  • Items must be free from faeces. Any items that are soiled with faeces will not be collected.
  • Items containing glass must be wrapped / taped.

No discounts are available.

Once your request has been submitted it cannot be amended.

Refunds for cancellations can only be processed if received more than two working days prior to the scheduled collection.

Here are some examples as a guide:

A bunk bed without a mattress count as two items
A three piece suite counts as three items
A table and five chairs count as six items.

Items we collect

  • Fixtures and fittings (internal & external)
  • Miscellaneous household items (for example baby gates, ironing board and fish tank)
  • Household furniture
  • White goods (excluding fridges, freezer and fridge freezers)
  • Electrical items

Items that are collected are prepared for reuse / recycling.

Items we will not collect

  • Asbestos
  • Hot tubs
  • Chemical drums
  • Clinical waste
  • Boilers, gas bottles or oil tanks
  • Broken glass
  • Building, construction or demolition waste
  • from Commercial Premises
  • Hazardous household waste
  • Trade waste.

Some of these items will be accepted at our recycling centres.

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Quotable collections

We will need to provide you with a quotation if:

  • you have more than 6 items; or
  • you need to request collection of a ‘quotable’ item.

Quotable items

  • Garden Shed (Max 6'x8', Dismantled)
  • Piano (Dismantled)
  • Greenhouse (Dismantled) 6'x8'
  • Radiator
  • Storage Heater (With Bricks)
  • Storage Heater (Without Bricks)
  • Central heating systems
  • Wood
  • Guttering
  • Bulky garden waste

You will be asked to provide photographs of the item(s). This is so that we can provide a quotation without having to visit your property.

When making your booking, if you have more than the equivalent of 6 items, please select ‘Other’ from the quotable list and then list your items.

You will receive your quotation within 5 working days. This will include instructions on how to pay using your Caerphilly Connect account.

Request a quotation
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