Missed bin collections

Report a missed collection

Before you report a missed collection please note the following known missed collections:

Area Affected

Bin type

Reason for non-collection

Date Affected

Rudry lanes, Cefn Mably, Bluebell, Cwmlas

Food/Garden Waste

Broken down collection vehicle



Food/Garden Waste

Unusually large volumes of waste


You do not need to report these as missed collections. Leave your bin outside your property and we will collect it the next working day.

Report It Now

Reasons why your bin may not have been emptied 

There are a number of reasons why we may not have emptied your bin, these include:

  • Your bin was put out for collection late. Your bin must be at your collection point by 5.30am on the day of collection.
  • Your bin contains the wrong items. What goes in my bins?
  • The wrong bin was put out for collection. What day is my bin collected?
  • Your bin was unsafe to move, (for example it was overweight, broken wheels or broken base) Request a new bin.
  • Your bin was overflowing. If the lid does not fully close, any excess waste will be placed back into the bin.

If we have not collected your waste for any of these reasons you will need to correctly present it on the next scheduled collection day. We will not come back to empty it.

Other reasons why your bin may not have been emptied

There are other circumstances when we may not be able to empty your bin:

  • Unable to access the street or property – this may be a traffic incident, roadworks, broken down vehicle or parked cars.
  • Broken down collection vehicle
  • Problem with the collection vehicle
  • Unusually large volumes of waste - this slows down the collection process as the collection vehicle needs to be emptied more often. This sometimes prevents us from completing our scheduled route. 
  • Inclement weather – certain weather conditions, such as flooding or snow, may prevent the collection vehicle accessing your street safely. 

If we have not emptied your bins for any of these reasons, please leave your bin at the collection point and we will usually collect the next working day. You don't need to report these as missed collections.

Alternatively, call waste strategy and operations.