Leaseholder repairs

Responsibility for repairs

If you are a council leaseholder, under the terms of your lease we as the freeholder are responsible for carrying out repairs to the structure and exterior of your block of flats.

You as the leaseholder are responsible for repairs to the interior of your flat details of which is available to download below: -

Leaseholder Handbook (PDF)

To report a repair visit the how to report a repair section.

Repair charges

Under the terms of your lease you are responsible for contributing an equal share towards the cost of repairs carried out by us to the structure and exterior of your block of flats. We inspect every repair that we charge to leaseholders. We will inform you in writing of the estimated costs on a quarterly basis.

You will be charged for repairs in your annual service charge bill that is usually sent to you in August/September each year.

Welsh Housing Quality Standard improvements - consultation

We are undertaking work to bring all our properties up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard by 2019/2020.  Where we are carrying out external works, this will have an impact on leaseholders. Visit the WHQS improvement scheme section for details.

Works will be carried out following a survey of properties and leaseholders will be consulted on the type of work and estimated costs in line with statutory consultation procedures.

Consent for improvements

We appreciate that some leaseholders like to carry out their own improvement works.

Before carrying out any work to your flat, please contact your Leaseholder Services Officer as you may require consent from us for the work to begin. We occasionally refuse to grant consent for work that we believe would cause a problem.


If you have any general enquiries about being a leaseholder, contact your Leaseholder Services Officer.

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