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Dave Street Corporate Director for Social Services and Housing

Hi I’m Dave and I am the Corporate Director for Social Services and Housing. I have been working for Caerphilly since the time I left School, which now takes me over the 40 year mark.

My service areas are vastly different in operation but both serve the needs of some of our most vulnerable residents.

Firstly Social Care, this team is made up of both Children’s Services and Adult Services, and I think it’s fair to say both service areas are filled with talented, empathetic and dedicated staff.

There is an age old saying that in some point in everyone’s life they need a little help, and that’s what we are here for, to support families facing difficulties, children who need care, adults with complex needs who need opportunities and older people who require home care or in some cases residential care.

That’s just to name a few of our areas. A career in this sector could lead you down so many paths, I am a great example of that.

I am also responsible for Housing and over recent years we have seen some incredible home transformations as part of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard the council’s biggest ever investment into housing stock.

We are also building council homes for the first time in 18 years and modernising and transforming our services to meet the ever changing needs of the community.

If you are a dedicated and forward thinking person looking for a career in local government then we certainly have something for you.

Richard (Ed) Edmunds Corporate Director for Education and Corporate Services

Hi I’m Ed and I am the Corporate Director for Education and Corporate Services, I joined the authority back in 2018 and have spent nearly 30 years in the public sector. I am responsible for overseeing many of the support functions that sets the strategic direction for the authority and enable the delivery of high quality frontline services.

Services like Human Resources, Health and Safety, Communications, IT, Procurement, Finance, Legal and Transformation all form a core part of the council’s operating model and support key frontline services to operate a 365 day a year public service.

We have teams of incredibly talented people, many of whom have grown up in Caerphilly Council and progressed their career as they have gained qualifications and experience.

With the changing landscape of the way we work, support services have never been more important to enable people to transform and services to adapt. This is something that became evident in the pandemic, working as a valued member of the Council’s support services will certainly allow you to change the face of public service operations and to make a real difference to our residents.

I am also responsible for Education, Schools and Lifelong Learning, a huge service area that supports children from early years right through to further education across a number of services.

It is humbling to work with such a group of incredibly talented headteachers, teachers, support staff and professionals to give all learners the best possible chance to achieve their goals in life. We’re trying to achieve excellence together and we are on a fantastic journey which will make a real difference to our future generations.

We are so passionate about changing and improving the learning environment and, working with Welsh Government we have built and will continue to build a number of 21st Century Schools which showcase how new buildings and technology can make a difference to the experience and achievements of our learners.

If you are looking for a new challenge or a lifelong career in the ever changing landscape of public service then we are the right team for you!

Mark S Williams Corporate Director for Communities

Hi I’m Mark S Williams I am the Corporate Director for Economy and the Environment and I have lived in the County Borough my whole life and worked for Caerphilly council for more than 30 years.

I am responsible for many of the services that serve the community, this includes front line services such as Waste management, Highways, Parks/Green spaces, Planning, Regeneration, Sport and Leisure, Public Protection and Land and Property Services.

Many of my services deliver on the frontline to both residents and the business community and play a vital role in public protection and supporting communities and towns to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the community.

We have a huge variety of diverse roles and we offer a fantastic team-working environment to support people to grow and progress careers.

For example, the Sport and Leisure Service, and their teams play a vital role in ensuring we are providing opportunities and facilities for everyone in the county. We welcome so many staff from school into this service from coaches to leisure attendants many of whom are still with us today in senior positions.

The large service areas of Waste management, Cleansing, Parks and Highways, are frontline and essential services for residents, the teams connect people and places and ensure we have a greener and cleaner environment for residents.

Working for one of my many services will offer you the opportunity to work in the heart of public service delivery and make a difference at grass roots level.