Order and collect

How does Order and Collect work?

You can order items in one of three ways:

1. Complete and submit the Order and Collect application form

Please note, this form will not work from within Internet Explorer. Please use a more modern browser such as Edge, Chrome or Safari

2. Log in and visit the Library Catalogue. Here you can place a hold on individual titles.

3. Or if you prefer, you can contact your local library where a member of staff will help you to complete the form on your behalf.

4. Your application will be assessed by the library team and your collection prepared.

5. We will call you to let you know that your books are ready and arrange a collection date and time with you.

6. To return your books, place them in the Return Book Bin which will be situated at the entrance to the library. This can be done at any time during opening hours or when you pick up your next collection.

Which libraries can I access this service?

The Order and Collect service is available at all libraries in the Caerphilly county borough.

Is Order and Collect safe?

The Order and Collect programme complies with current health and safety directives. 

How do I check books out?

Your books will have already been checked out to your library account and will be ready for collection. We kindly ask that you bring your own bag although we will be able to provide a reusable bag on request.

Where do I collect my books?

When we contact you to let you know your books are ready for collection, you will be given a designated date and time of pick up. Simply arrive at the entrance of the library you have chosen as your pick-up library at the time and date given, and a staff member will guide you through the process.

How long do I have the books for?

Books will be issued for the normal three week loan period.

Can I renew items?

Items can be renewed as normal via your online library account or via telephone by contacting your designated pick-up library. Customers are reminded that you will not be able to renew any items that are subject to another reader’s request.

Can I request a specific book?

Yes. However, you can only currently request a book from an Order and Collect participating library. Requests can be made via the online service or through the Request Slip service however please note that our full library stock will not be available to browse online.

When your books are ready for collection we will contact you.

Library stock request services are now available. Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Can I just return my books?

Yes, Return Book Bins will be provided outside our open libraries. You may put any returned items into these bins. We ask that you do not remove any items from the Return Book Bins.

What if I have outstanding fees?

No fees and charges will have accrued on customer account for the period of time libraries have been closed due to the COVID19 pandemic. Any fees or charges accrued before this time will be implemented once normal service is resumed. Please do not worry if you owe fines. 

The library service and staff appreciate your co-operation and understanding during this very difficult time.  We look forward to seeing you and hope to be able to open our doors to residents as Welsh Government restrictions are lifted.