Planning frequently asked questions

Does my tree(s) have a tree preservation order, or is it in a conservation area? 

Trees in conservation areas are protected as part of preserving the amenity value of the area, so even if the tree(s) isn’t protected by a TPO, you may need to apply for consent for your proposed works.

A tree can also be protected by a TPO and be within a conservation area.

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Is it a party wall? 

A party wall is when some or all of your property is connected to the boundary of land belonging to two (or more) different owners.  

You must let the different owners know if you are about to start a building project.

Owners can agree or disagree with what you propose.

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How do I ensure I am building sustainable drainage (SUDs)

From 7 January 2019, all new developments of more than one house or where the construction area is of 100m2 or more will require sustainable drainage to manage on-site surface water. 

SAB approval is different and separate to planning permission and both must be sought before any construction can begin.

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