Cashless and online payment for school meals

Depending on what school your child attends, we offer different options to pay for school meals.

Biometrics systems and cashless card systems

Some comprehensive schools operate a biometrics and cashless card payment system: please check with your local comprehensive school.

All schools are also able to take payments for school meals online and further details are available in the document below. 

Cashless cards continue to work alongside the biometric system, this allows for a mixture of cards and biometrics to be used.

Biometric systems uses finger-scanning technology. When finger scanning is used, it measures a number of reference points and turns this information into a digital signature. This unique digital signature is stored on the catering system and the image of the fingerprint is then destroyed.

This system allows your child to put money on to their account via a cash revaluation terminal located in the school (or in certain secondary schools payments for school meals can be made online) and is then used to pay for food and drink in the canteen.

Top-up online

Primary school meals cashless and online payment 

All primary schools encourage parents to pay for school meals online via or the smart phone app. 

Benefits of cashless card and biometric payment systems

  • Easy online payment solution which allows you to manage and pay for your child’s meals through the following website:;
  • Ability to view statements and check balances.
  • Smartphone App – download the UPAY app to your smartphone and make payments for your child’s school food. Get the App from the Apple App StoreGet the App from the Google Play store
  • Auto top-up – Use this feature to configure your child’s account so that every time the balance reaches a pre-set minimum, a pre-set top-up amount is automatically added to your child’s account;
  • No obvious difference between pupils who pay for meals and free school meal pupils;
  • Your child's meal detail is recorded each day, which means you can keep track of what your child eats.

Free school meals on cashless card and biometric payment systems

Both cashless card and biometrics system works the same for all children whether they pay or have a free school meal. The amount allocated for the free school meal will be automatically added onto the system.

My school is not shown above

For all other secondary schools in Caerphilly not listed above please contact the school directly for further information on school meals.

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