Eco schools and ESDGC

Education for Sustainable Development is about the things we do every day. It's about the big and small issues such as climate change, conflict, consumer pressure and environmental depletion and how they relate to each other.

Schools can make a positive contribution towards shaping a more sustainable future by helping pupils, carers, staff and governors to understand the meaning of sustainable development thorugh every day decision-making. They can do this through the curriculum they deliver and the way in which the school is run and managed.

For schools, Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship is:

  • Part of the ethos, pedagogy and organisation of the school
  • About the message inherent in the way the school is organised and managed
  • Something that requires schools to 'do' as well as teach
  • Something that requires coordination across the whole school
  • Something that Estyn will inspect 

Eco Schools

The Eco Schools programme is an international initiative, which provides an ideal framework to support sustainable development and global citizenship in schools. Eco Schools extends learning beyond the classroom and develops responsible citizenship attitudes both at home and in the wider community. Eco schools in Wales is administered by Keep Wales Tidy and is coordinated in Caerphilly by the CCBC ESD Officer.

Eco School resources:

We have collated a variety of Eco School resources to support schools working through the Eco Schools programme.

For further information go to the Sustainable Caerphilly website