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Active Travel

What is active travel?

Active travel means walking and cycling, including the use of mobility scooters, for everyday journeys. This includes journeys to school, to work, to the shops or to access services, such as health or leisure centres. Active travel does not include walking and cycling for recreational purposes.

Active travel is important in promoting healthier lifestyles and in reducing the negative impacts of traffic upon our neighbourhoods and communities.

More information on the Act can be found on the Welsh Government website.

Active travel duty

The duty is placed on Welsh Government and local authorities in Wales and covers a number of activities that seeks to promote Active Travel journeys.

The duty requires Local Authorities to submit maps for ministerial approval and the following is a link to the Active Travel Existing Routes Map which was approved in February 2018.

Below are copies of the Active Travel Annual Progress Reports submitted to Welsh Government.

Active Travel Integrated Network Map (INM)

The map is available to view below. Over 100 walking and cycling route improvements have been identified. The routes have been assessed to ensure the proposed improvements have the potential to meet the standards for active travel routes set by the Welsh Government.

The INM is an aspirational map that sets out Caerphilly CBC’s Active Travel proposals for the next 15 years. The development and delivery of the Active Travel Integrated Network Map proposals is dependent on the availability of funding for Active Travel schemes. The routes shown are indicative alignments that may be subject to change as routes are further developed.

Active Travel Existing Routes and Active Travel Integrated Network Map

The following link provides access to a gazetteer combing information for the Active Travel Existing Routes Map and the Active Travel Integrated Network Map. The Active Travel Integrated Network Map will need to be constructed or require improvements to permit these routes to be included as part of the Active Travel Existing Routes Network. 

Further information

If you require further information about the Active Travel Existing Routes Network or the Active Travel Integrated Network Map please email activetravel@caerphilly.gov.uk or call 01443 866595.