Street lighting and reporting faults

Street lighting helps roads and footways to be used safely. We are responsible for maintaining over 27,000 street lights.

We encourage reports from the public about faults and problems to help us arrange for repairs to be carried out.

Reporting a lighting fault

Unfortunately, despite regular inspections, fault with our street lights inevitably occur. If you discover a faulty street light, please report it to us.

To help us deal with the fault as quickly as possible it would be useful if you could provide us with the street light column number, road and location.

Alternatively call Highways Customer Care.

How long will it take to repair?

Our contractor, Centre Great Ltd is required to repair faults in the following timescales:

  • Accidental damage where a street light is considered unsafe or where there is exposed electrical wiring, will be made safe within two hours of being notified
  • Single faults within four working days of being notified - See FAQs.
  • Section faults affecting more than two consecutive lanterns in an area within two working days of being notified

New housing developments and private roads

Installation of street lighting in a new housing development is the responsibility of the site developers and not the council. Where we have agreed to adopt the road, the developer is required to install the street lighting to a standard agreed prior to us adopting it. However, we cannot insist on the installation of street lighting whilst the site is being developed.

Lighting in private un-adopted roads is not our responsibility and property owners must make their own arrangements to light the roads and footpaths.