Section 52 budget statement

We are required, under Section 52 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998, to prepare a budget statement each financial year.

The format of the budget statement is specified in the Education (Budget Statements) (Wales) Regulations 2002. Every Budget Statement must be prepared in three parts as follows:

  • Part 1 containing particulars of planned expenditure for individual schools
  • Part 2 information with respect to the methodology for determining schools' budget shares
  • Part 3 information with respect to the budget share of each of the authority's schools

A copy of the budget statement must be supplied to the governing body and headteacher of each maintained school in the Authority and also made available for reference to parents and other persons at all reasonable times and without charge.

Section 52 Budget Statement (PDF 21kb)

RAS(S5522) Revenue Account Return 2013-14 (PDF 17kb)

Part1 E 544 (PDF 17kb)

Analysis of individual primary and secondary schools (Excel 300kb)

Part 3: Formula Factors and Cash Values 3a Primary and Secondary Schools (PDF 62kb)

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