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Common Allocation Policy

This policy sets out in detail who is and who is not eligible for Community Landlord housing in the county borough and how we will make this assessment. It also sets out how you can apply for and access this housing, and the order in which you will be rehoused. 

Prior to finalising the policy we carried out an Equality Impact Assessment to identify and, where applicable, mitigate any negative or adverse impacts on those groups of people regarded as ‘protected characteristics’ under the Equality Act 2010.

Local Letting Policies

Properties let through the common housing register may be subject to a local lettings policy. Such policies place either a restriction on who may be considered for a property or provide criteria which prioritise certain groups of people. They must be evidence based and time-bound, and are used to address a particular problem.

Details of when a local lettings policy can be used by a landlord are included in section 4 of the common allocation policy.

The following local lettings policies are currently in use:

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