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Students in Caerphilly Celebrate AS and A-Level Results Day 2023

Posted on : 17 Aug 2023

Students in Caerphilly Celebrate AS and A-Level Results Day 2023
Schools and colleges from across Caerphilly county borough are today celebrating AS and A-Level examination results day. This significant milestone in the academic journey of these young learners is the beginning of a new chapter in each of their lives, as many will now move on to either further education or search for employment opportunities such as apprenticeships.

Commenting on this year’s exceptional results, Cllr Carol Andrews, the Cabinet Member for Education, said: “A massive congratulations to all the students who have received either their AS or A-Level results today. I hope you are all really pleased with your results after all the hard work you have put in.

“I wish you all the best with whichever path you to choose to follow in the future and you and your family should be very proud with what you have accomplished so far. I hope you all enjoy the celebrations and your well-deserved break!”

Results day is always a mix of excitement and nerves for those who are anticipating results. Caerphilly council is proud of the efforts of our learners this year, with students demonstrating resilience.

There are a variety of options for those receiving results including going on to further education at university, securing a university place through the clearance process and searching for employment opportunities or apprenticeships.

Keri Cole, the Chief Education Officer for Caerphilly County Borough Council, highlighted the collective efforts of all educators who have contributing to yet another successful school year: "The past few years have been undeniably demanding for educators, parents, guardians, and students alike.

“Examination results day represents the culmination of the continuous hard work that takes place behind the scenes and within our classrooms every day, aimed at ensuring that the residents of Caerphilly receive a first-class education."

“Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this year yet another successful year for our students – and congratulations to each one of you who is celebrating today.”

As students celebrate their successes, please join in on our social media channels as we continue to share stories of those celebrating.

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