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A Caerphilly County Borough resident has won £500 for recycling their food waste as part of the Borough’s Mash for Cash campaign.
Caerphilly County Borough Council is looking for residents’ feedback on how natural areas within the county are managed, as green spaces across the county borough are being left to grow during spring and summer months to benefit ecosystems as part of the Nature isn’t Neat project.
Caerphilly County Borough Council is delighted to announce that work has recently completed on its first new innovative homes; the first its built in 20 years.
Young people in Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Youth Forum Project Group have launched a board game to help raise awareness of emergency services.
Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet recently agreed an approach to take enforcement action on private landlords who fail to meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) in their properties.
A project developed by Caerphilly County Borough Council to deliver 18 new one bedroom apartments has been shortlisted in two categories at this year’s prestigious Inside Housing Development Awards.